Always Fight a Speeding Ticket

speeding ticket

Always Fight a Speeding Ticket Speeding tickets must ALWAYS be fought because they can have a very significant impact on your life…and more specifically…your bank account. The possible ramifications of a speeding ticket are: High fines and surcharges Points DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment Driver license suspension Driver license revocation Potential (but unlikely) jail sentence Large…

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I Missed My Court Date! What Do I Do?

missed court date gavel

So you woke up today and realized – Oh No – I missed my court date!  This can be a terrifying realization, but don’t worry!  In most cases, we can resolve this oversight by restoring your case to the court’s calendar and defending your case as if you never missed your court date. Different courts…

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Failure to Move Over Law in New York

Move Over Law Sign

Move Over Law Requirements New York requires that motorists move over when they see an emergency or hazard vehicle on the side of the road with its hazard lights on. Drivers are expected to move one full lane away from the stopped vehicle. This means that traveling in an adjacent lane generally is unacceptable If…

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Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency

The Best Lawyer to Fight a Ticket in Suffolk County Traffic Court Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency (a/k/a Suffolk County Traffic Court) has gained a reputation for being one of the toughest courts on Long Island in which to fight a traffic ticket.  This court has very stringent policies and procedures that, if…

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Lynbrook Village Court Traffic Tickets

Lynbrook Village Court

Can you Fight a Traffic Ticket in Lynbrook Village Court? You can Absolutely Fight a Lynbrook Village Court Traffic Ticket! If you receive a traffic ticket in Lynbrook Village, it is crucial that you speak to a traffic attorney that has experience defending traffic tickets in this particular court.  Every court has different rules and…

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Southampton Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Police Car on Beach

Can you Beat a Southampton Traffic Ticket? You Can Absolutely Beat a Southampton Traffic Ticket! When you receive a Southampton traffic ticket it is important that you retain a traffic lawyer who has extensive experience fighting traffic tickets and is fully familiar with the rules and procedures of this particular court.  Veltry Law, PC appears…

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How Long do Points & Traffic Tickets Stay on your License in NY

driver abstract NY

How Long Do Points Stay on My License The Driver Violation Point System is how the New York State DMV identifies and penalizes high risk drivers. The DMV assigns a different amount of points to each moving violation based upon its severity.  Please feel free to visit our Point Chart to view the different traffic…

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Out-of-State Drivers with New York Traffic Tickets

NY Police Car

Out-of-State Driver with a New York Traffic Ticket You cannot Ignore a New York Traffic Ticket Even if you are Licensed in another State As a result of the Driver’s License Compact, all states (except Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin) share information about drivers who are convicted of traffic violations in its jurisdiction. This means…

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I Received a Traffic Ticket on Long Island-What Do I Do?

police giving ticket

What to do when you Receive a Traffic Ticket Receiving a traffic ticket is never a pleasant experience.  In this article we outline the steps you must take and the options you have when you are charged with a traffic violation on Long Island, New York. 1st – Check your Ticket for Errors Driver Name…

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