Suspended Driver License / Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in New York

We will Reinstore your Suspended Driver's License FAST & Defend your Aggravated Unlicensed Charge

If your license has been suspended or if you have been charged with an aggravated unlicensed operation it is important that we work quickly to resolve all of your suspensions and reinstate your suspended license so that we can fight your charges and get you back on the road FAST!

The Benefits You Will Receive From Our FREE Initial Conversation:

  • I will run your Driver's Abstract FREE of charge
  • I will explain each issue that is suspending your license and what needs to be done to resolve it
  • I will advise you of the estimated fines that will be due and about fine payment plans that may be available to you
  • I will let you know which issues require the assistance of our attorneys and which issues you can resolve for free on your own
  • I will provide you with an informative chart of the steps that need to be taken restore your license - even if we determine that you don't need an attorney!

Why is My License Suspended and How do I get my License Reinstated ?

Not being able to drive due to a suspended license is a terrible hardship.  One of the most rewarding services we offer is assisting our clients in reinstating their driver's licenses.  After only a short conversation with you, we are able to immediately access your New York State Driver's Abstract and advise you of the steps needed to reinstate your driver's license. Some common causes of driver's license suspensions:

Failure to Appear in Court

We will restore your old unanswered tickets to the court’s calendar, lift your suspensions and have your prior violations reduced or dismissed.  This can often be done without the need for you to appear in court with us.

Unpaid Fines

We will determine if you have unpaid fines and which Court they are due to. We will also advise you of fine payment plans for which you may be eligible.

DMV Fees

We will research your abstract to determine if any of the following DMV fees are outstanding:

  • Driver Responsibility Assessments
  • Suspension Termination Fees
  • Civil Penalties

Call us today so we can put your mind at ease, reinstate your driver's license and get you back on the road-FAST!

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