Work Zone Speed Cameras on Long Island

work zone speed camera violations

Due to a significant rise in work zone violations in recent years resulting in numerous highway worker injuries and several deaths, New York has launched its Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Program as of April of 2023.  The goal of the program, much like New York’s Move Over Law, is to promote work zone safety by reducing speeds and improving driver behavior in an effort to save worker and traveler lives.

Answers to all your Automated Work Zone Speed Camera Program Questions are Here

How many Work Zone Speed Cameras have been launched?

  • 30 Work zone speed units have been launched as of April, 2023. which will be moved around to work zones throughout the state.

Will there be signs in place to warn us that a work zone is ahead?

  • There will be visible signage posted before the construction zone which will include the reduced speed limit.

What are the Work Zone Speed Camera fines?

  • First Violation: $50.00
  • Second Violation within the same 18-month period:  $75.00
  • Third and Subsequent Violations within the same 18-month period: $100

Who is responsible for the fine/Where will the Notice of Liability be mailed?

  • The notice of liability will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle within 14 business days if the owner is a NY resident
  • If the registered owner is not a New York resident the notice will be mailed within 45 business days

Is there a warning period? 

  • The program aims at raising awareness and encouraging mindful driving in work zones. As such, for the first month of the program, the state will mail out a warning to the owner of the vehicle.  After the first 30 days of the launch of the program, actual fine notices will be sent out.

How do I pay the fine?

  • Online at
  • By Phone: 1-833-268-8120
  • You will need to provide the notice number license plate number and PIN number from the notice.  There is a $3.75 fee to pay online.
  • By Mail: Mail a check or money order payable to NYS Work Zone Speed Enforcement Program.

Do Work Zone Speed Camera violations add points to my license?

  • No - Points will not be assessed against your driver’s license for Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Violations.

Will a Work Zone Speed Camera violation appear on my Driver Abstract?

  • No - Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement violations are not reported on your driver’s abstract

Will my insurance company learn of the violation?

  • No – Your insurance company will not be notified of an Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement violation.

Can I fight an Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Violation?

  • You can contest the Notice of Liability online at the website noted in your notice and submit documentation that you believe is important to your defense.

What if I don’t pay the fine?

  • Drivers who don’t pay the fines may not be able to renew their registrations.

Where does the fine money go?

  • The fines collected as a result of this program will pay for the cost of the program itself. According to the Governor’s press release, any excess revenue collected as a result of the program will be used for further work zone safety initiatives.

How can I learn more about the program?

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