Get Out of a Traffic Ticket in Suffolk County, Nassau County & NYC


Helpful tips that can help you avoid being issued a traffic ticket on Long Island.

How Do I Get out of Traffic Ticket

Getting pulled over for a traffic stop is never a pleasant experience, but you don’t need to panic. Following these traffic stop Do's & Dont's should help keep you and the officer both feel safe and calm, make the traffic stop as painless as possible and may even help you avoid a traffic ticket!

Get out of a Traffic Ticket in Suffolk County and Nassau County

The Do's & Dont's of a Traffic Stop

Do Pull Over as Soon as Possible

As soon as you see the flashing red and blue lights behind you, put on your right turn signal and move to the right shoulder.  As soon as you have safely pulled over, turn on your hazard lights, turn off the radio and ignition, keep your seatbelt on and turn on the overhead light if it is dark.

By making the officer know you intend to comply.  This way you are immediately demonstrating respect and this will go a long way to keeping the traffic stop as amicable as possible and will avoid the issuance of extra traffic tickets. 


Don't Exit your Vehicle

Just roll down your window and keep your hands visible on the steering wheel and avoid making any sudden movements.

This ensures that the police officer feels safe and calm.


Don't Reach for Anything

Only retrieve your license, registration and insurance when asked by the police officer.  If you have to reach for something be sure to tell him or her where you are going to get these items (whether it be in your glove compartment, wallet or purse).

This ensures that the officer doesn’t think that you are reaching for a weapon or trying to hide anything.


Do Be Respectful

When the police officer engages you, always be polite and respectful.

Do not argue with the officer. Be straight forward, honest and succinct when speaking to the officer. However, do not volunteer any information.

If the officer asks you if you know why you were pulled over, it’s perfectly acceptable to say that you don’t know.  Do not offer any excuses as to why you may have been breaking the law as these statements will certainly be used against you later. 

Do Accept the Ticket Politely

If the police officer issues a traffic ticket, take it politely.

This is not the time to argue or plead your case.  The time to fight any charges is in court.  Arguing, complaining or becoming belligerent can make the officer want to write additional tickets and, in extreme cases, can result in an arrest.


Do Leave the Traffic Stop Calmly

After the traffic stop has concluded and the officer is in the patrol car, return to the road as calmly as possible and remember to put on your seatbelt and use your turning signal when entering the road.

If you speed off angrily, you are sure to get pulled over again.


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Following these tips can often result in receiving a simple warning, fewer traffic tickets or less serious moving violations.  However, there are certainly times you will still need the services of a Traffic Ticket Attorney.  Feel free to visit our website for detailed information about traffic tickets or Call Us 24/7, to discuss your traffic ticket for free.