Speeding Ticket Lawyer for Suffolk & Nassau Traffic Courts

speeding ticket suffolk county nassau county

Speeding Ticket Lawyer for Suffolk County and Nassau County Traffic Courts When you receive a speeding ticket on Long Island, the consequences can be severe. This is why you should never plead guilty to a speeding ticket or just pay the fine (which is the same as pleading guilty) without fighting it.  Pleading guilty to…

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Should I Plead Guilty to a Speeding Ticket in Suffolk, Nassau or NYC?

speeding ticket in Suffolk County & Nassau County

Always Fight a Speeding Ticket Speeding tickets must ALWAYS be fought because they can have a very significant impact on your life…and more specifically…your bank account. The possible ramifications of a speeding ticket are: High fines and surcharges Points DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment Driver license suspension Driver license revocation Potential (but unlikely) jail sentence Large…

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